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Private Foot and Ankle Surgery in London and Essex.

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Arthroscopic surgery is a type of keyhole surgery used both to diagnose and treat problems with joints. Also known as arthroscopy, it involves the use of a device called an arthroscope to examine the joints.
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Bunion surgery techniques have developed greatly over the past two decades to produce procedures with consistently good results.
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There are several new and revolutionary modifications of established operations that surgeons use to treat common foot conditions such as bunions.
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A fusion, also known as an arthrodesis, is an operation performed to fix a joint or joints in the foot and/or ankle. It may be used to treat a joint that is affected by severe arthritis or to correct deformity.
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Common types of hind foot fusion include ankle fusion where the shin bone (tibia and the uppermost bone of the foot, the talus, are fused together using screws.
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