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Foot and Ankle Fusion

London Bunion offers Foot and Ankle Fusion Surgery in Central London and Essex. Read the information below if you are considering Foot and Ankle Fusion surgery. Please contact one of our PAs to book your consultation.

Foot and Ankle Fusion

Foot and Ankle Fusion surgery techniques.

A fusion, also known as an arthrodesis, is an operation performed to fix a joint or joints in the foot and/or ankle. It may be used to treat a joint that is affected by severe arthritis or to correct deformity. Your body is tricked into treating the joint as it would a broken bone.

The joint surface is removed and screws or other metalwork are passed across the joint to maintain the position while the bone healing occurs. The procedure usually joins together the main bones of the ankle joint (the tibia and the talus). Occasionally, the fibula will also be included in this fusion procedure.

Bone then grows across the joint, fusing it solid. The aim is to turn a stiff painful joint into a stiff painless joint.

The operation usually takes one and a half hours and is normally carried out under general anaesthetic (asleep). A lower leg anaesthetic block is used to provide pain relief following the procedure.

Foot and Ankle Fusion surgery recovery

The recovery time following fusion will depend on the technique used and on the individual patient, but generally an ankle should be well on the way to uniting by six weeks and be united by twelve to fourteen weeks. The bone will then continue to strengthen as time goes on.

The good news is that once the ankle has fused you will be able to return to most pre-operative activities. These include heavy manual employment, walking distance, climbing ladders and light jogging.