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Hindfoot Fusion

London Bunion offers Hindfoot Fusion surgery in Central London and Essex. Read the information below if you are considering Hindfoot Fusion surgery. As with any medical condition it is best to seek professional advice. Please contact one of our PAs to book your consultation.

Hindfoot Fusion

Hindfoot Fusion surgery techniques

Common types of hind foot fusion include ankle fusion where the shin bone (tibia) and the uppermost bone of the foot, the talus, are fused together using screws. The operation removes ankle movement completely; however you are likely to do more following the procedure as your pain will be greatly diminished.

During the operation, incisions (cuts) are made over the front and on the inside of the ankle. Sometimes patients are suitable for arthroscopic fusions. This is performed through two small incisions.

The term triple arthrodesis, or isolated hind foot fusion, refers to a surgical procedure that fuses three joints. This operation is designed to correct deformity, relieve pain and improve function.

Occasionally, a procedure called a tibiotalocalcaneal fusion may be required. If you have a tibiotalocalcaneal fusion, this fuses the shin bone (tibia) to the main bones in the back of the foot (talus and calcaneus).